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Testing & Rebuilding your creations

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

R2D2 built with Little bits

Today I decided to tinker with the Star wars, Droid Inventor kit by Little Bits.

That’s the box it comes in

I downloaded the Droid inventor app on my phone from the Play store and started following the instructions.

After completing all the steps my droid would not move. I could see the connection between my app and the droid was made because it was making sounds it was supposed to make. I tinkered with it a little but could not figure out what was wrong. So I decided to take it apart and rebuild it.

This time I decided to check that the circuits work before putting the body on it. I turned the switch on and it started to move with the help of the toggle button on the app.

After checking that the circuits work I put the R2D2 shell .

This time everything worked as it was supposed to!

Here is the link to the post.

Two things that I learnt from this building experience is not to be afraid of rebuilding. The project might not be successful the first time, and that is okay!

And, the other is to keep checking for mistakes, before proceeding to the next step. That way you don’t have to take apart the whole thing.

What are you re-building today ?

#droidinventorkit #littlebits #r2d2

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