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Spiders are our friend

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

We have been wanting to do an activity about spiders for a long time, since my son is very fond of them. Although he is super scared of Spiders, but he is still very curious about them.

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Materials needed :

  • Craft Sticks

Get yours here :

  • Pom-poms

  • Post its

  • Googly Eyes

Get yours here :

  • Play-Doh

Get yours here :

Steps :

  1. Take 3 craft sticks, place them in a criss-cross pattern & hot glue them. Take some yarn and wind around the craft sticks to make it look like a web.

2. Cut 8 thin strips from a post it paper for the Spider-legs, crinkle them & Glue it to a pom-pom. Stick two Googly eyes on the pom pom.

3. Finally glue the Spider to the Spider web.

Tip: When you put the yarn around the craft sticks, leave a little extra and don’t Glue it, so it can be used to hang it on a wall.

Playdoh Spider

Caution: Adult supervision needed while handling the Scissors & Hot glue gun.

And here are some fun facts about Spiders!

  1. Spiders are found in every continent except Antarctica.

  2. Spiders have blue blood, a molecule called Hemocyanin provides this color since it contains copper.

  3. Spider webs are made of Silk.

  4. Arachnophobia is the fear of the Spiders.

  5. Most Spiders live alone.

Hope you enjoy this activity as much as we did. Leave me a comment if you try it!

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