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Simple Machines with Legos

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Today we decided to build simple machines with Legos. The idea came up when we were making a construction site. My son said it must be really difficult for the construction people to carry the bricks up & down all the time! That made think of teaching him about the pulley system. And since we are learning about Pulley why not just get introduced to all the simple machines!

So what are Simple Machines?

Simple Machines can be thought of as simplest devices that are used to change direction of force. They are the building blocks of all complicated machines.

There are six basic simple machines :

  1. Pulley

  2. Inclined Plane

  3. Wheel & Axle

  4. Lever

  5. Wedge

  6. Screw

A Pulley is a machine used to lift heavy objects by changing the direction of force on a flexible Rope.

Materials needed to make a Lego Pulley :

Steps to make a Pulley:

Your Pulley is ready to use!

I will continue this blog post to make all the simple machines! Stay tuned for more soon 🙂

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