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Sheltering in place during the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Our Shelter in place order came in on Tuesday morning. Some how we didn’t realize matters would get so worse, so quickly. We as a family were sort of unprepared. I quickly ran to the grocery store to stock up the essentials. Every place had huge lines. Even when I got inside the stores, a lot of things were unavailable, like hand sanitizers, paper towels and bathroom tissues. Racks after racks of medicines were empty. All kind of cold & flu medications were gone.

I asked a store cashier where the hand- sanitizers were? She said ” you are one week too late, everything is gone”. I quickly tried to look up if I can make hand sanitizers at home. And saw the videos were trending in Social media, and guess what , the materials that were listed, were gone too!

This is the sign I found posted on our local CVS.

Then I went to Safeway. They had no Milk, Bread, Eggs, Bananas, Pastas, Pasta Sauce. It was such a scary thing to feel, just to think that we would be left with no food. I went to a couple of other stores and grabbed what I could & came back home.

My son’s school has closed & my husband is working from home. People have been advised not to leave home unless it is for groceries & essentials. Below is the picture of the exit I dread, it takes me at least 20 minutes to just exit & it was empty.

Times are hard. But I see that people in our community are helping each other immensely. People are posting continuously that they are willing to help older people, who are more at risk of catching the Coronavirus, to do grocery. Some of the stores have kept special hours only for the elderly population. People who are short of supplies are being helped by people who have those things in stock. Many places are supplying food to the kids who usually have their lunch at school. Some people are updating everyone of what items have been re-stocked in their nearby market, so they can replenish it. It is heartwarming to witness such goodwill during these difficult times.

Hoping we all can be strong & help each other to overcome this pandemic soon!

What are you doing to help your community ?

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