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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

ItsPhun Rangoli

ItsPhun Rangoli

My almost 4-year old is learning shapes at his pre-school. So I started looking for a hands-on activity to help him visualize it better. That’s when I came across Geometric Art by ItsPhun. If you remember my first blog was about Magformers, so I decided to give ItsPhun a try.

Since I was having a lot of fun with this new discovery, I decided to double the fun by making the same shapes out of my Magformer set. Below are the images of the same shapes made by Magformers(Left) & ItsPhun(Right).




The Magformers kit is for 3-years & older and the ItsPhun kit is targeted towards 5-years & older. So I decided to use the ItsPhun kit to make models to show it to my son, and he can use the Magformers kit which will be easier for him to make because of the magnetic abilities of the pieces.

ItsPhun Geometric Art set

What are you making today 🙂 ?

#funwithshapes #tinkerers #magformers #geometricconstructionset #itsphun

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