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Seasons & Colors

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Yesterday was a busy day for me. Had a bunch of things to finish. Even when my son came back from school I wasn’t done. My husband was not back from work, my son’s dinner was not ready, oh what a mess! I asked my son, would you like to watch some TV while I finish making your dinner? And he said no, can we do some activity instead? What? did I hear that right? Yes, I did. Okay, even today morning I am feeling super happy about that statement! I could not think of what activity to do, aaah brain freeze. Anyways I made him some dinner & after eating we decided to just head out.

He rolled on the green grass, smelled the flowers & wanted to bring a few insects & twigs home. Then we negotiated, the insects are not coming home but the twigs can & how about I throw in some extra leaves with that. Done! Wow, I negotiate so well these days. Remind me to put that as a skill on my resume! I was still thinking about what he said, he wants to do an activity. Yes! the leaves can help with that. So here you go! When we came back home we did this.

Materials needed:

  1. Different colored leaves

  2. Paper

  3. Color Pencils / Crayons

  4. Pen/Marker


  1. We talked a little about different seasons feel & how the trees near us change colors depending on the season.

  2. We discussed what colors we associate with each season.

  3. Then he chose that color & colored it on a square white paper.

  4. On the green, he chose Spring; Yellow: Summer; Red: Fall & lastly Brown: Winter.

  5. I wrote the seasons in capital letters so he could read a bit.

  6. Then he matched the names of the season with the color of the leaf.

By the end of the activity, he was really tired from all the running around he did while collecting the leaves. I gave him a bath, and he immediately fell asleep. I consider today a super successful day, because we spend some time outdoors, did a hands-on activity while learning about seasons & he said no to TV. I wish everyday was like this!

Have you stopped to smell the flowers today ?

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