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Frozen water play

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Today's hands-on activity will be a super quick one, but is packed with a lot of fun.

Materials needed :

  • Bundt cake pan

  • Water

  • Food colors

  • Salt

Steps :

  1. Fill your bundt cake pan with water & freeze over night. Optional : you can put some flowers and leaves in it too.

2.Once frozen, to get the ice ring out of the pan faster, put some warm water in it.

3.Place the ice ring on the table and sprinkle some Salt on one half of it. You will hear cracking noises.

4. Sprinkle different food colors on the ring. This will accentuate the cracks in the ring.

What to learn from this experiment?

  • Let the child observe that the half where the Salt has been sprinkled will start melting faster.

  • you hear a cracking sound when the Salt comes in contact with the the ice because there is a sudden change in temperature of the ice that has touched the salt. The difference in density of the outside and inside causes a pressure and breaks the ice.

Caution: Please do not touch the Ice with your bare hands after putting salt on it. Since the temperature drops it might give you an ice burn.

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