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One starry night ....

Today's activity is a little more about me than my son! I used to love watching stars on a dark night. I remember while I was in college, mostly all our roofs were locked. But we found one building which was unlocked by mistake. Me & my roomie would go up top, put our blankets on the floor, lie down and just look at the sky ! We kept track of all the meteor showers & watched them too. I still keep track of the meteor showers , but it is so difficult to see it with the city lights around. Hopefully some day when my son is a little older we will go drive to the observatory and do the same. Let's get started with the activity then!

Materials needed :

  • Paper

  • Water color

  • paint brushes

  • Pencils & Black marker

Steps :

1) Paint the paper a light shade of blue.

2. Let it dry , and then paint it with a darker shade of blue, purple & some black.

3. Now the fun part comes! Take another brush and dip it in white paint & ask your child to flick the paint on the paper. Keep flicking until you feel satisfied of the amount of stars you want in your sky!

4. Let it dry, and then ask your child to imagine what shapes they see if they play connect the dots i.e. the stars ?

5. I did this activity with my son, and my mind was already seeing the ones I know :( but he saw a flower, a fish, a circle & a kite!

6. Take a black marker & connect the shapes you see. Name your constellations :)

7. Your starry night is ready!

Learning objectives :

  • Constellations are group of stars which forms a pattern in sky.

  • Show the child some common constellation i.e Big dipper, Orion, Aries etc.

  • This activity also encourages the child to recognize patterns.

And below are our master pieces!

Hope you enjoy this activity. Leave us a comment below if you try it!

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