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Morning Cuppa & diffusion

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Our morning starts with me making two cups of Tea, and then drinking it with my husband along with one Cookie. Since it is getting colder, I was feeling lazy today to get up and make Tea. My son asked me, why aren’t you drinking Tea? He is so used to this ritual now! He knows nothing gets done in our house if we don’t have that Tea.

Also today is the 2nd day of creativity challenge from our city. Today’s challenge is about sharing a picture of something that you collect. So I decided to center my post about these two things combined.

I picked him up and decided to make Tea & also show him a cool experiment!

Materials needed :

  1. Two teaspoons of Tea

  2. Two mugs

  3. measuring spoon

  4. Stirrer


  1. I filled one cup with warm water & one with cold water.

  2. I let him put one teaspoon of tea in each cup.

On the left is the cup with warm water and on the right is tea in cold water.

I asked what do you see? He observed & said the warm cup is brown now. Also we notice the tea particles are not readily mixing in the cold water.

Science behind the colors : The warm water triggers the diffusion of the tea leaves. The warm water causes the molecules to move much faster than cold water. The energy is released faster when the water is warm. The cold water will take a longer time to make the colors come out since the energy released will be less.

After we were done with the experiment he got to stir the cups of tea, put sugar & milk in it & stirred them again. Basically today morning was loads of fun since it involved a lot of liquid spilling & mixing stuff!

Finally I took out some of my Tea/coffee mugs & decided to take this picture of them for the creative challenge!

Caution: Please be careful if your tea water is too hot.

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