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Mathematical Patterns & Shapes

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Today I wanted to bring in some Math into our activity. While teaching my students I always heard one common statement, that Math is so scary, we are bad at Math & so on. And I can totally relate to it. I have had my fair share of love-hate relationship with Math. Looking back I wanted to find out what made me bad it. The reason was simple, it was not interesting. What changed? Everything changed when I took my Calculus-1class, my professor taught me to look at Math differently. He related each concept to the real life, and always something funny. I remember I would be smiling while doing my homework! And I want to give my son the same experience.

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I felt he was having a hard time with pattern recognition, and would not finish his workbook exercises. While looking for pattern related books, this book caught my eye!

It has a lot of great ideas, and deals with patterns in an artistic way! My son loves doing Art so it was perfect for him!

To add a little more fun to the activity,I got out the Scratch paper and drew him a grid.

Then we made the patterns from the book with the help of a wooden stlylus.

For the next activity we used one of his favorite toys - Magformers

I set up his Magformers into patterns & asked him to fill in the Question marks.

And lastly, we used some pompoms to create & complete a pattern.

Are patterns fun for you ? How are you learning to see your patterns? We would love to know your ideas! Share your thoughts with us below in the comments!

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