• navanitam

Making & breaking Ice structures

As a child I remember I could play with water for hours. Now my son does the same & I replay my childhood days in my head. It is such a heartwarming feeling. He runs around in the backyard spraying water at the plants and then comes in the kitchen, goes to the fridge & gets an ice cube and starts eating it! That made me think of doing this Ice+water activity with him, to show him two different states of water.

Materials needed :

  • water

  • muffin tray ( you can use small bowls as well)

  • flowers & leaves ( from the backyard)

  • heavy bottom spoon


1) Fill a muffin tray with water; put the collected leaves & flowers in them.

2) Put it in the freezer

3) Ones frozen, take the ice structures out from the mold

4) Put the ice structures in a tray with a heavy bottom spoon

5) Let the child play with them

My son breaks the Ice structure with the heavy bottomed spoon to free his flowers friends from inside.


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