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Magic Milk!

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Yesterday was a “NO” day at my house. My almost 4-year old refused to drink his milk, take off his outside clothes, take a shower and wear his pjs. I keep trying to think of creative ways to change his no to yes, so I decided to make him “Magic Milk”!

Materials needed:

  1. Cotton swabs

  2. Food coloring (McCormick)

  3. Dawn liquid dish soap

  4. Whole Milk (Safeway’s Organics Milk)

  5. 2 Plates


  1. Pour milk in two plates just enough to cover the bottom.

  2. Drop food coloring into the milk.

3. Dip a cotton swab in dishwashing detergent liquid.

4. Touch the detergent coated swab to the milk in the center of the plate.

5. You don’t have to stir the milk. The colors will swirl on their own as soon as the detergent contacts the liquid.

Science behind the magic!

The detergent lowers the surface tension of the liquid so that the food coloring is free to flow throughout the milk. The detergent reacts with the protein in the milk, altering the shape of those molecules and setting them in motion.

No I didn’t to explain this to him. He was really happy to see different color patterns & finished his cup of milk. The explanation can wait for a couple of years. Till then I just get to enjoy the “wow” moments with him!

What is your pre-schooler refusing to do today ??

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