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Lego Gondolas

Today while I was organizing my pantry, I took out a few of our canned food items. Looking at the can my son expressed his dislike about the Peas & Garbanzo beans. I told him both Peas & garbanzo are very healthy food. I know that statement fell into deaf ears & he started playing with the cans. He made towers out of the cans and kept making his Lego action figures jump from One tower to another. That made me think of making him a Lego Gondola

The challenge was to create a device that can help us mere humans (not Lego action figures) travel from the top of one can to another.. For more visuals we put a bowl of water in between the cans as well.

That made him think of a Gondola ride he took in one of our zoo visits. So we took on the task to make the Gondola.

For some reason today nothing was working out, the lego parts kept falling out, the cans kept tumbling, I lost count of how many times the Gondola & the Lego man got dunked in the Water bowl and lastly the string broke! But I am glad he got to see the difficulties first hand. I reminded him this is how real life Engineering usually is. Things that look perfect to us , must have taken so many trials to finally have gotten to the perfect state.

Materials needed:

  • 6 Canned Food jars

  • Yarn

  • Bowl of water

  • Legos

Top view & Side view of the Gondola

We finally managed to run the Gondola. and I will put up a video on my Instagram feed. Also I will put up a tutorial to make the Gondola later! Stay tuned.

What are you rebuilding today ?

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