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Learning to write numbers

Currently we are focusing on learning & writing our numbers. My son was writing it till 30-40 but he would keep giving up after 40, and there was no way I could motivate him to keep going till 100! And all that changed yesterday, when I saw he got interested in our Snakes & Ladders board game. Me & my husband were playing a game of Snakes & Ladders while he was napping & he heard us having way too much fun & joined in!

We told him he cannot play since he doesn't know his numbers! Tell a child he cannot do something & he will prove you wrong :). So first thing in the morning he told me he wants to learn his numbers so he can join in the game today. I had to make breakfast but I skipped all that and quickly grabbed the opportunity at hand & made him a grid with 100 squares.

While I finished making breakfast he finished writing his 1-100.

When he finished the numbers, I helped him draw a couple of Snakes & Ladders on it. And below is the picture of our finished board!

He got very excited to play a game on his self-made board, so we started playing , but do you know to play the game you need to know your additions ?? So that task is for another day :).

Fun facts about Snakes & Ladders:

- This game originated in India & was called "Gyan Chauper".

- From Indians, the British adapted it & called it "Snakes & Ladders"& later introduced it to USA where it's called as "Chutes & Ladders"

- The game is totally based on Luck.

- The original use of the game was to provide moral instructions.

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