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Learning Modes of transportation with Legos

Today we were looking at some old pictures, and we found a picture of us moving from our old city to a new one. We had travelled by a Car, & it was a lovely road trip! We also had some pictures in an airport sitting in an airplane going to visit family. My son asked me how come we don't always take the plane to travel? So here's our post today about different modes of transport.

There are three means of transport we are discussing here today- air, water & land.

What kind of things do we use to travel by Air ? An airplane, a Helicopter, a rocket.

What about Water? Boats, Ships , Submarines.

and Lastly Road ? Cars, trucks, buses & so on....

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Then we decided to make Lego models of each kind of transport to help us visualize what we just learnt. These are the two Lego kits we used. Lego 76133 & Lego 76134.

This kit is targeted towards Ages 4 & up. It was really fun to make with my son. We made it together one time, & he was able to follow the booklet's instructions & made it on his own the next time.

These kits will make lovely gifts for kids as they have easy to follow directions, has a Superhero & a Villain & can also be used for learning.

Lastly to point out the difference between each, Air travel is fast , but it is expensive & requires planning in advance. Traveling by road is convenient but it is always not fast as the airplane. Water transport can be used to carry heavy loads , but it is again it requires planning and it is not fast as air transport.

What means of transport are you using today ?

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