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Layers Of Earth ( Three ways)

Today we are Learning about the Layers of Earth & building a model of it with different materials.

The Earth has four layers

- Crust : The crust is made of light elements, especially silica, aluminum and oxygen.

- Mantle : It is made mostly of iron, magnesium & silicon, it is dense, hot and semi-solid.

- Outer Core : This part of the core is made from iron & nickel, just in liquid form.

- Inner Core : The inner core is extremely dense, it’s made mostly of iron and nickel.

The First Model is made using Play- Doh (Get it here) .

The Second Model is made from Paper.

The Third Model is made of Creative QT Pixel Bricks ( Get it here )

And Lastly the fourth model is made of Colored Rice & Legumes.

Hope you enjoyed the different ways of making Layers of Earth! Which one is your favorite among these ? Let us know in the comments!

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