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Homeschooling with The Masterpiece Studio

We stopped sending our son to school when The Covid-19 started in January 2020. After staying home for 7 months, we enrolled him in a virtual school, & his lessons were completely done on a laptop, which increased his screen time to about 5 hours a day; sometimes even more. We realized this was not sustainable for us. So I decided to try the Curriculum from The Masterpiece Studio.

The Masterpiece Studio offers a homeschool curriculum to spark creativity with books, art & cooking. Since my son is in Kindergarten, we choose to start the Masterpiece Alphabets with him. Below are few pictures of how it looks like.

The Packet Consists of Alphabets From A to Z. The first page of each letter gives you a word Spelled with that letter which you can color. It also has space in the middle for the child to draw that word. The second page encourages the child to write a story about the word & provide illustrations for the story. Lastly the third page helps them read & write a sentence with that same word. It also offers some cutting practice for the Child, where they can cut each jumbled word & make a sentence.

Below is the picture of one of pages that we finished.

I absolutely love this curriculum, because all the words of the Alphabet are based of Art & encourages the child to learn that specific word in many different ways. The child get to read, write & color the word. Then they draw the word from their own imagination. This is their own Masterpiece that they create from scratch!

You can see the curriculum is very thoughtfully created & encourages the child to learn in a creative fashion!

If you are homeschooling a Kindergartener, definitely give The Masterpiece Studio a shot. Use STEM15 for a 15 % off on the curriculum. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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