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Hands-on-Learning with Green Kids Crafts

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

As you know we do a lot of Science experiments with the things available in our Kitchen. This time I decided to try the Green Kids Crafts to see how the pre-packaged box works out for us.

This box has 6 activities in it. These are the following activities

- Motion Ocean

- Coral Reef Painting

- Oil Spill Science

- Sea Life rescue

- Glowing Jellyfish

- DIY Ice boats

Day 1- We tried the Motion Ocean Experiment today.

Learning points from this experiments

- Oil is less dense than water

- how waves are formed by the wind

- how fish can swim in different depths

Day 2 - We tried the Robot Workshop Box today! It is a different box which has another Six activities in it. These are the following activities.

- Art Bot

- Magnet Bot

- Magnet Science

- Glide Bot

- Robot printing

We chose to do the Magnet Bot Project for today.

For this activity, we made a robot from a tin can & with the help of a strong magnet we guided it through a maze. It is a really fun experiment for the kids as they love to see the magnet in action!

Benefits of the green kids crafts kit

- You get 6 well planned activities

- You do not have to think and gather the materials.

- Steps & explanations about the experiments are provided

If you want a box for your kids, check them out here !

Stay tuned for more activities from the box!

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