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Halloween themed loose parts play

Since we are learning to count numbers, I wanted to do a Halloween themed activity around it! I dug into my storage box and found a lot of loose parts like beads, buttons, pompoms, googly eyes & things like that ! I looked for some green play-doh but we had run out of it !

So I quickly made a mixture of one cup of wheat flour, put some green food color & mixed it with water to make a dough.

Then I asked my son what he wants to make with the dough? And the answer was monsters!!! He made six monsters & then I asked him to put eyes on them. He had a choice of giving them how many ever eyes he wanted to! After he was done sticking the eyes on the dough, it was time for him to count the eyes & match it with the foam numbers!

What do the kids get out of this activity?

- They get to practice their numbers

- Numbers become real to them since they are counting each eye & pressing them in the dough

- Visual & sensory learning helps them to retain the information for a longer time

- They are having fun & learning at the same time!

Hope you enjoy this activity as much as we did! Leave us a comment if you do!

Caution: Adult supervision required for loose parts play.

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