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Halloween Critter rescue!

Today we made some Halloween themed Slime & you know what that means! Yes, you are correct, hours of fun & sensory play.

Slime is a form of sensory play, meaning it stimulates your senses. For many, it is soothing & acts as a stress reliever. One can make slime & change the ingredients & color based on the theme they like, like we made a Halloween themed Slime.

Recipe for the Halloween Slime

- 1 Cup of Arrowroot powder

- 1/2 Cup of water

- Few drops of Red & Yellow food colors (to make orange)

- Critters ( you can choose to dip any plastic toys)

Steps :

  1. We dipped the critters in the slime. And then with the help of a Skeleton hand we fished out the critters.

  2. But we could not stay away from dipping our hands in the slime ( of course that's what it is for isn't it !)

  3. A lot of people (parents) want to stay away from slime because they think it is difficult to clean up.

  4. Here's how we contained the mess. We did it on one section of our table. Some of it dropped on his clothes , but Arrowroot dries up quickly, so it got hardened & we brushed off the loose powder & vacuumed it.

  5. Below you can see how much fun he had with the Slime!

Let us know in the comments if you try it! You can also check out our Instagram, to see a video of the activity. Hope you have as much fun as we did!

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