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Funtastic Toy Review

Name of Toy : Brickyard's Educational Construction Engineering Building Blocks

Age : 3-10

Cost : $29.95 for 101 pieces, $39.95 for 163 pieces

Overall Funtastic Score : 4.2/5

Description : Building blocks with Tools

STEM concepts: 4/5

-It encourages the kids to think logically and build things.

-It helps improve hand-eye co-ordination in young kids.

-It enhances creativity & imagination through interactive play.

-It helps the kids understand how to use basic tools like screw driver, nuts & bolts.

Replay value: 5/5

- The booklet provides 42 designs that can be built.

- The kids can make their own designs according to their imagination.

Independent play: 4/5

It is great for older kids , but initially younger kids will need help with the screws & bolts.

Durability: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5

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