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Frog on a Log

A lot of our activities are based on the books we read. Today's activity is also inspired by a book we are currently reading. "Frog on a Log" has lovely rhyming words and a cute little story. It has some pop out pages which my son really enjoys. It keeps him engaged in the story. Plus he is really into Frogs!

Materials needed :

  • Egg carton

  • Green Pipe cleaners

  • Googly Eyes

  • Green Paint

  • Play Doh ( brown, green, pink & yellow)

Steps :

1. Cut two rounds from an eggs carton.

2. Paint them Green.

3. Cut a strip on paper; color it red, & make a cut in the middle for the tongue.

4. Put googly eyes on the one egg carton round.

5. Make frog legs with green pipe cleaners.

6. Hot glue the Egg cartons now, glue the tongue in the middle and lastly hot glue the frog legs to the body.

7. Roll some brown play doh into a log shape. And some green play doh into leaves. Use some pink play doh into a snail shape.

8. Your Frog on a Log is ready !

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