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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

I have always loved to eat, but I never cooked. The cooking part started after I got married. I remember my mom always loved to cook & feed me. We rarely ate food from outside. I always wondered why was it so important to her to feed everyone? I understood that part after I had a household of my own. Food is how we represent our love. It is a cultural thing for us. We socialize over food, we cook for those who we love!

In college I had a group of friends. Looking back, I sometimes think, what made us friends? And our common ground was, we were all interested about different cuisines. One day of every week we used to drive really far to try a special cuisine. We all worked hard to save some bucks from our college jobs, & just spend it on food.

Since I could not cook, I was always dependent on restaurants & eateries. But that had to change! Slowly I started reading blogs, cookbooks & watching cooking shows. And then tried to replicate what I learnt.

Now, after 7 years, I consider myself to be a good cook & I try to share these moments with my son.

Today we were out of our tea biscuits. We only eat these specific biscuits with our morning tea & I thought how come I never tried to replicate those biscuits at home. Voila! My new project…. Let’s bake Marie biscuits!

I asked my son if he is up for some learning time, he looked at his dad and said that usually means fun! So he came running to the kitchen.

He helped me make the dough, with Flour, Butter, Baking soda, Milk, Sugar & Salt. I wanted him to know what each ingredient does so I explained – Flour provides the structure, Butter (which has fats) holds it together, Baking soda makes it rise, Milk makes steam & makes the cookie soft, Sugar adds sweetness and gives color & lastly Salt enhances the flavors.

After the dough was rolled we cut it with round cutters, and arranged it in a baking tray, and baked it for 10 minutes. The biscuits cooled for around 15 minutes & were ready to eat. My husband said it calls for another round of Tea, and the biscuits were over in one sitting! I wish I had made more 🙂

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