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Dinosaur Bones

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Today we were sitting & making puzzles, and that got me thinking about this Dinosaur bone puzzle we have. And since it is Earth week, I felt like combining those two themes together! So we head to the yard to do some digging. Playing with earth brings so much joy to the kids. At one point I realized 20 minutes had passed & I had not even started the planned activity with my son. He was just busy digging and dumping the earth on his dump truck. Slowly 20 minutes became an hour & it was time for lunch. I decided we can just do the activity after lunch.

After Lunch I hid 11 “Dinosaur bones” under some dirt & dry leaves. I told my son that he is going to be a “Paleontologist” today… which means that he is going to be a scientist who studies the history of life on earth with the help of fossils. He was just happy, he is getting to do more digging. And adding Dinosaurs to the equation made it even better! He spend the time digging & looking for bones.

After we were done digging, we cleaned up & put the puzzle together. It was difficult for him to do it alone( the suggested age for this puzzle is 5+). But when we were done, it looked lovely!

What activities are you doing with your kids today?

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