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Counting activity based on "The very hungry caterpillar"

We love the book "The very hungry caterpillar" & have read it too many times! And also it is fall season , the season of Apples, so today's activity is based on Apples & the book.

Material needed

- Paper & pencil

- Scissors & glue

- Acrylic colors

- Yarn

- Hole puncher


  1. Cut some paper in shapes of apples ( 5) & some more in shape of apple stem.

  2. Color them both & number the stems.

3. Cut some circles, color them green & glue them together. Also glue the stems onto the apples.

4. Give the hole puncher to the child & ask him to punch the same number of holes as number written on the stem.

5. Offer some yarn, and let the child thread the holes while counting the number of holes.

6. The very hungry caterpillar !

Learning points in this activity

- the kids learn to draw & color an Apple

- Punching holes make them use their gross motor skills

- While they are threading holes they are involved in counting

- When they are punching holes they get a feel for the actual number

Leave us a comment below if you try this activity. Have fun !

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