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Construction Truck Sensory bin

Today I had a lot of pending work to be finished so I needed to think of some "easy to make activity "to keep my son occupied. I pulled out a bin from my kitchen, filled it with some mixed Lentils, put his Lego crane and a bunch of construction vehicles in it. There, my Construction Truck sensory bin was ready in exactly 5 minutes!

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Materials needed:

What are Sensory bins ?

Sensory bins are activity bins set up for children to explore the world around them with help of their senses. These help children to imagine, discover & learn using their five senses (touch, sound, sight, smell & taste). This specific bin above is using the touch, sound & sight components.

He kept digging & filling his trucks & had a fun filled afternoon. At night he asked me to read him about the construction trucks! So we read "Goodnight goodnight construction site" & went to bed!

Good night ! What are your reading before going to bed ?

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