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Building a Lighthouse

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Point Reyes Lighthouse

We as a family love to take road trips. This weekend we decided to go see the Point Reyes Lighthouse. My husband told my almost 4-year old, we are going to see a light house. His excitement knew no bounds. I asked my boy, so what is a lighthouse ? He took a moment and said, a house that has light ? Seems like a perfect answer yeah ! He is a curious boy and has an appetite to learn, so I started looking for ways to show him an hands-on example of a lighthouse.

Itty Bitty city (8in1) from mCookie(Microduino) came to my rescue. I installed the Microduino IDE on my mac & followed the steps written in the booklet to build the Lighthouse project.

I made a light house for my boy to look at it. I used the remote to change colors & the whole experience was pretty exciting for him.

I love that this kit helps us to see how things we use/see in our daily life actually work.

The next day we drove to Point Reyes, but it was closed off due to the on-going restoration project. But at least we got to see the circuit version of it working at home!

#microduino #pointreyes #mcookie #ittybittycity #Lighthouse

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