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Build a Solar controlled Light

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

I build this Solar light using the 12 in 1 Microduino mPuzzle kit. Solar Energy is a type of renewable energy, which means the energy is collected from a source that can be replenished on a human time scale.

Learning Objective: A light sensor is a kind of switch that can help turn things on & off. When there is light, the circuit is on, when there is no light the circuit is off.

Parts needed:

Steps to build the Solar controlled Light:

  1. Place the NPN, two 1-point wire components & one 3-point wire component on the board as shown.

2. Place two 1-point wire components on the top and bottom most part of the left most 3-point wire component. put one 2-point wire component on the bottom of the NPN circuit across the 1-point wire component. Put the light sensor in the middle and the yellow LED on the top part of the npn circuit.

3. Add the graphic panel & the battery. Place one 2-point wire component on the left most side as shown in the picture.

4. Turn the switch to “ON” position & block the light from the light sensor in the middle. The light turns off.

Congratulations! You just build a Solar controlled light.

#microduino #renewableenergy #Solarenergy #solarfan

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