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Build a Piggy-Bank

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Have you ever thought why we call a Piggy bank as such?

During middle ages, people used some thing called “Pygg pots” which was made of orange colored clay to store money. It looked something like the image below. And gradually the name changed to Pig Pots / Pig banks.

Pygg Pots of middle ages

While I grew up, my Piggy bank looked like this. The only way to get money out of it was to break it. Sometimes we would make DIY ones as well. We would take an empty talcum powder box and make a slit through it with something sharp. The money would be a little more accessible then to spend towards candies!

Indian Piggy banks

Now a days we get way cooler ones which are shaped like pigs in various pretty colors.

I decided to upgrade my son’s piggy bank to something waaaay cooler ! His is made of Legos.

Itty bitty city Piggy Bank

Not only it is made of colorful legos, but it also flashes light & plays music when a coin is dropped. I used mCookie’s 8 in 1 itty bitty city to make it.

Circuit inside the Piggy Bank

What are you upgrading today ?

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