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Build a NightLight

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Itty bitty city nightlight

Since my son got his own room set up & started sleeping there alone, he complained of being scared. He told me ” mommy, a Spider booboo came & stood next to my bed at night & am scared :(. Next day I decided to combat this Spider booboo issue, and bought him a night light. He loves anything that has Paw patrol in it, so I got him this.

Paw Patrol Night light

I knew there was a Night Light project in the Itty-Bitty city kit, which was on my list to build, so I decided to give that a try.

Few days after using his Pawpatrol night light, I surprised him with my Lego house “Itty bitty City” nightlight. He was excited to see it & used that the next night. He knows I tinker with things & spend some time to build him the nightlight.

The next night he told me that he loves the lego night light but he would rather have the paw-patrol light closer, because Paw-patrol are strong & they protect him at night! Aww, my heart! I wasn’t too disheartened, but I should have known I cannot win against Paw-Patrol yeah ?!?!?

Who or should I ask what did you lose against today ?

#circuits #ittybittycity #microduino #pawpatrol

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