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Build a Magnet Detector

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

I build this Magnet detector using the 12 in 1 Microduino mPuzzle kit.

Learning Objective:

A magnet has attracts to another magnet if the opposite poles are brought together & repels when same poles are together. This is called magnetic force. When the magnet is moved closer to the magnetic switch , the magnet pulls on the switch with magnetic force.

Parts needed:

Steps to build the Magnet detector:

  1. Place one 3-point wire component & the buzzer on the board.

2. Place the magnetic switch across the top and the two 1-point wire components on the bottom as shown below.

3. Place the graphic panel first & the place the battery across the bottom.

4. Place a magnet near the magnetic switch, and the buzzer will make noise.

5. Congratulations! You just build a Magnet detector.

#magnetdetector #magnets #microduino #mPuzzle

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