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Build a Lunar Eclipse

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

A Lunar eclipse occur when the moon passes directly behind the Earth and into it’s shadow.

I build this Lunar Eclipse simulator with the help of 7 in 1 mPie kit from MicroDuino.

Parts needed:

Steps to build the Lunar Eclipse simulator:

  1. Place & connect the power, dimmer & the Servo on the board. Then connect the power circuit with a power source( I connected it with my laptop).

2. Take the yellow graphic panel and connect it to the Servo arm with a rubber band.

3. Place the black graphic panel on the servo arm.

4. Place the above parts on to the servo. and attach it to the right side of the circuit. Also connect the wire to the blue circuit as shown below.

5. Turn the switch on. The yellow panel moves.

Congratulations you just built a Lunar eclipse Simulator!

#lunareclipse #microduino #mPie

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