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Build a Flashlight

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

I build this Flashlight using the 12 in 1 Microduino mPuzzle kit.

Learning Objective:

The battery gives power that moves through the wires of the device. All the pieces together are called a circuit & the energy moving through is called the current.

Parts needed:

Steps to build the Flashlight:

  1. Place two 3-point wire components on the board.

2. Place the bulb between the two 3-point wire components. Also put two 1-point wire components on the bottom most part of the 3-point wire component.

4. Add the graphic panel and battery. And turn the switch on. The bulb should light up as shown in picture below.

5. Congratulations! you just finished building a Flashlight !

#buildaflashlight #flashlight #microduino #mPuzzle

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