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All about Dinosaurs

For today's hand-on activity we learnt about Dinosaurs. We got ourselves this "Dino Eggs Dig Kit" to make the learning process a little more fun & hands-on.

The kit contains 12 Dinosaur eggs, each containing one little dinosaur inside it. It also has a booklet with pictures of the 12 dinosaurs and a little write up about them.

I then set up a visual for a Dinosaur nest using our bundt cake pan! I put some dry leaves & sticks from the yard, made some mud with play-doh, put the eggs inside & voila the nest is ready!

I told my son today he is a Paleontologist, a scientist who studies fossils. He has discovered this nest of Dinosaur Fossil eggs, and he needs to find out what is inside. Here's what he found inside after digging.

We then matched it's picture with the card provided and learnt more about it. I cannot say enough good things about this kit. The process of getting the dinosaurs out of the fossilized eggs is exciting for the kids. There is also an element of surprise since they do not know which Dinosaur is going to come out of the egg! You can also wet the eggs for a couple of minutes to make the process easier. We tried both, dry eggs and wet eggs. I prefer the dry eggs, since it was easier to clean up.

Here is the List of Dinosaurs we learnt about :

  • Stegosaurus - is a herbivore which weighed around 3500-6800 lbs. They were around 9 ft tall.

  • Brontosaurus - is also an herbivore which had a long thin neck & a small head. They weighed around 15 tonnes and were about 72 ft tall.

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex - is a carnivore which weighed around 9900-31000 lbs. They were around 12-20ft tall.

Also we viewed them in our house in 3D. How cool is that!

Here's how you do it for yourself!

  1. Google Stegosaurus

  2. when you scroll down, you will see "See a Stegosaurus in your space"

  3. Click "View in 3d".

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. Meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through & make a purchase.

Materials used for this activity:

  1. Dino Eggs Dig Kit

  2. Bananagrams for the letters.

  3. Dinosaur Figure toys

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