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Activities that can be done at home with kids

It has been about a month that we began sheltering in place because of Covid-19. Since then a lot has changed. A lot of adjustments had to be made to our daily routines, since offices and schools are now closed. It was difficult for all of us, but mostly for the kids, who don’t fully fathom what exactly is happening.

Here is a list of activities that we are doing to keep ourselves entertained and busy!

  1. Baking : Recently Double Tree Hotel released their Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe and we tried our hands at it. This was hands-down the best homemade chocolate chip cookie I ever tasted. You can get the recipe here

  1. Coloring : Before the lockdown started thankfully I got my son a couple of character coloring books. Pj-Masks & Paw Patrol are his current favorites, so that keeps him occupied for a while. Also coloring helps improve motor skills in young children.

  2. Catching up with school work : It is difficult to be on track and catch up with school work when the kids are home for so long, but it is very important that they stay up to date with their syllabus.

  3. Games/Board games : We played some games like Bananagrams & Sequence. It was not easy for my 4 year old to keep up with the rules of the games, so we let things slide for him. We gave him a couple of tiles and asked him to come up with two-letter words he knows.

  1. Build with Legos : Before my boy starts building with legos, I make him sort his pieces, sometimes according to colors, sometimes according to size. By sorting Lego pieces I want to enhance his skills of understanding patterns & properties of two & three dimensional shapes.

  1. Making Puzzles: Puzzles also help develop shape recognition & patience and completion of the puzzle gives the children a sense of achievement.

  1. Reading story books: This is one of our favorites, we have always been doing this. Reading to your kids help them with their imagination & promotes brain development. It also is our “me” time with him. We get to snuggle and enjoy the book together.

  2. Re-iterating his story time: In the morning as I make breakfast it’s my time to listen to a story, and this time it is my son who narrates it. We usually let him narrate the same story that he heard at his bed-time. It helps him with his vocabulary, comprehension, sequencing & memory.

  3. Decorating food : We have been eating too many waffles & pancakes these days ! So I let him be creative and make faces on his waffles!

  1. Doing Chores : Lastly, it is a lot of work when everyone stays home all the time! So I try to take in all the help I can get. That means, help with vacuuming, cleaning & cooking. Doing their chores help kids to be self reliant & take responsibility of their own actions.

Even with all the difficulties that we are facing due to the sheltering in, we are thankful to have each other as a family, and we are able to get spend some quality time together! But we hope this passes soon.

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